What’s in Your Rental Agreement?

What’s in Your Rental Agreement?

If you rent, you should have signed a rental agreement. This is to protect both you and the person that you rent from. It could be one page or ten, hand-written or typed, with informal or very formal language. This document is to protect both you and your landlord. For clarity, but it should contain the items discussed here but may include much more. If you do not understand a part of the agreement, ask for an explanation before you Continue reading What’s in Your Rental Agreement?

House Build – Masonry or Timber Frame?

Masonry or Timber Frame House Build?

In the U.K. traditional brick and block work construction remains the most commonly used today. Masonry construction accounts for around 70% of new builds.

This traditional method is generally known as cavity wall construction. The build starting with block work and a skin of brickwork on the exterior, with wall ties connecting the two, and the cavity being filled with insulation material.

The foundation work for masonry building is generally more substantial than that for timber frame, as load bearing walls have to be taken into account, but both techniques require either Continue reading House Build – Masonry or Timber Frame?

Fast Websites Get Found

Speed is Everything for Websites

Slow, cumbersome websites kill the surfing experience. Google know it, you know and more importantly, your potential visitors know it.

One of the downsides to the modern, instant world that we live in is that none of us has any patience any more…. our ability to wait for anything is diminishing…. and this applies to websites as much as anything else.

The issue for you as a website owner is that many designers don’t Continue reading Fast Websites Get Found

Stay Safe Shopping Online

Safe Online Shopping

The place to start, when scrutinising the outlets that you come across online, is that you go with one with a reputable pedigree.

Most retailers these days have online portals even if they are not exclusively web-based, such as John Lewis, or Sainsbury’s, as opposed to those that familiarly have, such as Amazon or Ocado.

If the retailer that you have come across is unknown to you, a few simple and brief checks can lower the possibilities of falling into traps for Continue reading Stay Safe Shopping Online

Drug Driving Laws

Drug Driving Offences

In March 2015 the Uk introduced a near zero tolerance on drug driving, introducing limits for a wide range of drugs.

Initially there was a lot of confusion, with different police forces attempting to deal with the offence in different ways. Some forces struggled to be able to administer the necessary blood tests required & many Magistrates also struggled to adapt the existing Drink Driving legislation and Continue reading Drug Driving Laws